7 main causes of metabolic disorders

January 12, 2022  21:40

In most cases, slow metabolism is not a hereditary factor or a consequence of diseases, but only a consequence of an improper diet, said nutritionist Svetlana Fus (Russia).

According to her, there are 7 main causes of metabolic disorders:

  • Refusal to eat breakfast,
  • insufficient intake of fluids in the body,
  • skipping meals
  • eating too large portions of food,
  • eating dinner as a main meal,
  • lack of sleep,
  • stress.

For people with such problems, the specialist recommends adding more vegetables, cereals and fruit to your diet, which cleanse the body of toxins and are an important source of minerals, vitamins and fiber.

She also recommends drinking more water and, if possible, reducing consumption of sweets, flour, fast food and ready-to-cook foods. According to her, the feeling of fullness after eating should last for about 4 hours, and the number of such meals a day should be 3-4. This will help to avoid intense hunger and, as a consequence, overeating.

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