Scientists find way to rejuvenate skin cells for 30 years

April 12, 2022  17:30

Researchers at the Babraham Institute (UK) have found a way to rejuvenate human skin for 30 years by reversing cell aging without losing key functions.

The results of the new work are described in the journal eLife.

The scientists were able to partially restore the functions of old cells, as well as bring molecular indicators of biological age to a "younger" state. Such results were achieved by balancing cell reprogramming with preservation of basic cellular activity.

Cellular age indicators were based on several parameters: epigenetic clock (the totality of epigenetic DNA tags) and transcriptome (the totality of all genes synthesized by the cell). Based on these parameters, the cells reprogrammed by the scientists were 30 years younger than their biological age.

According to the researchers, this work opens up great possibilities for application in a number of areas.

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