Scientists create most accurate 3D model of female anatomy in history

May 3, 2022  19:37

Elsevier, a leading international company supplying scientific, technical and medical information products and services, has developed "the most perfect three-dimensional model of a woman that has ever existed," Fox News reported.

"For the first time, that a female model has been built with this level of detail in its entirety, to represent the female — versus replacing specific areas of the male anatomy with female features," the company said in a statement.

Elsevier claims that the female 3D model has the following distinct differences from the male anatomical models: 

  • The full skeletal system — A complete female skeletal system includes a wide array of unique features, rarely seen in anatomical texts. Sexual differences have been applied to areas such as the pelvis and skull. Long bones have been proportioned, and bone angles accurately reflect the uniquely female architectural skeletal base.
  • Accurate portrayal of muscles — To create an accurate representation of the female anatomy, the overall volume of muscle mass for each muscle has been reduced by roughly 30%, in line with research findings from the broadest demographic of females as compared to males.
  • Visually detailed female-specific regions — The female-specific regions have been created in detail that is equivalent to the male counterpart. Breast tissue can be hemisected or quartered to reveal the underlying tissues with a more accurate distribution and representative state of the mammary glands, now shown as nonlactating, unlike most anatomical resources. The reproductive organs from the internal and external genitalia have been remodeled to accurately show their continued relationship.
  • Comparative functionality — Users can switch between models for comparative study on any part of the male and female forms, compare sexual differences and reveal the origin and distribution of nerves.

The report also says that 3D Female Anatomy offers educators a more comprehensive approach to learning and gives them the ability to easily switch between female and male anatomy in their curriculum for comparative purposes.

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