What does craving for flour, sweets, spicy and salty foods mean ?

May 17, 2022  19:40

The desire to eat something sweet, floury, salty and spicy can signal a lack of certain microelements in the body, nutritionist and candidate of biological sciences Alexander Miroshnikov told Moscow 24.

According to the specialist, when a person is stressed, he wants to eat something sweet. However, this can lead to obesity and health problems. Instead, the nutritionist advises to give preference to products containing magnesium, which is involved in the work of dopamine centers - pleasure centers, in particular, cashews, almonds, nuts in moderate amounts, "and it will completely close the magnesium deficit."

Miroshnikov also explained that the constant desire to eat a bun may indicate a lack of chromium in the body. This trace element is involved in the formation of receptors on our cells. It can be replenished by eating seafood.

If you are actively engaged in sports, with sweat you lose sodium, which is the most important trace element in the body, says the specialist. The body is trying to replenish the missing element, and a person craves salty foods. Therefore, the expert advises to take a bottle of still mineral water, which is rich in sodium chloride, and take a sip every 15 minutes.

The desire to eat spicy foods may indicate thyroid problems, Miroshnikov warns. To find out if everything is okay, the expert recommends getting a thyroid hormone test.

"It is the thyroid gland that is responsible for our metabolism. As soon as its work is disturbed, our metabolism goes down very dramatically. It is interesting that the body itself starts looking for products that increase the metabolism, and here it is capsaicin, which is contained in red pepper," the specialist said.

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