What foods are not recommended to eat in case of aching joints?

May 19, 2022  16:47

In an interview with SOLENKA.INFO Russian nutritionist Yulia Zemtsova told which foods to avoid if your joints hurt.

According to the nutritionist, some foods can have a harmful effect on the condition of our joints, cartilages and ligaments.


Phosphates are salt of phosphoric acid. Of course, our body needs some amount of phosphate to support natural processes of life, but there has to be a measure for everything. Zemtsova explained that excessive phosphate disrupts calcium balance, and to compensate, the body starts taking calcium from our bones, making them more fragile. The result is an increased risk of fractures and osteoporosis, as well as dental problems, etc.

Most phosphates are found in processed meat (sausage, ham, etc.), crab sticks, processed cheese, sauces, chips, canned goods, fizzy drinks, and processed foods.

Marinades and smoked meats

Smoked fish or pickled cucumbers contain the above mentioned phosphates and large amounts of salt, the excessive consumption of which is harmful not only to our joints, but also to our health in general.

Tea and coffee

Zemtsova emphasized that tea and coffee in reasonable limits are only beneficial. But drinking more than 5 cups of tea or coffee a day leads to an increase in uric acid levels, whose crystals precipitate on cartilage and vascular membranes. As a result, this can lead to the development of gout.


Fresh oxalic sorrel is very good for our health, but after cooking it reacts with calcium to form an inorganic salt that is difficult for the body to absorb and can cause inflammation of the joints.

Sweets and baked goods

Experts often refer to sugar as the main pro-inflammatory factor in our diet. It causes permanent microinflammation, disrupts collagen synthesis and promotes collagen breakdown. Collagen is the most important building material for our connective tissue. As for baked goods, in addition to sugar, they also contain yeast, a combination that is extremely detrimental to human health.

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