What are the dangers of giving up sugar?

May 19, 2022  17:45

People who are actively engaged in sports are not recommended to give up sugar, dietitian and nutritionist Evgeny Arzamastsev told Moscow 24.

Athletes have a high metabolism and energy needs, so it is important for them to get enough sugar. If they give it up, problems can arise, the specialist notes.

"In fact, sugar is a fast carbohydrate. If you take away the simplest sources of energy, there is a great risk that a person will experience so-called cellular starvation. The metabolism will slow down, and glycolysis processes will decrease," warns the nutritionist.

According to the specialist, the man will get energy from other elements, and there is a risk that he will lose proteins. That is, in this case, he will lose muscle tissue.

For other people, giving up sugar is not harmful, but even useful, according to Arzamastsev. "You can give up sugar, nothing bad will happen. There are simple carbohydrates, there are complex ones. The refusal of simple carbohydrates in the presence of complex carbohydrates will do no harm to an ordinary person," the specialist noted.

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