In what cases tooth should not be extracted?

May 23, 2022  18:20

The discovery of a cyst in a tooth is not yet an indication for its extraction, dentist Vyacheslav Minko told

Tooth cysts means a cavity around the roots, which is filled with infected tissues, dead cells and pulp. At the same time, the specialist advised not to rush with the extraction surgery.

He explained that to treat cysts, dentists use a high-precision microscope, which allows specialists to thoroughly clean the root canal of the tooth from infection. It is then filled with a decontaminating solution that is activated by ultrasound.

"In this way, the solution penetrates all the canals where the infection is and kills it. After that, the dentist proceeds to restore the tooth itself," said the expert.

The dentist noted that all manipulations can be performed in a single appointment. Installation of a temporary filling, which is unreliable in terms of protection against infection, is not required, Rambler reported.

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