What illnesses can laziness signal?

June 22, 2022  13:27

Laziness can indicate problems with the thyroid gland, as well as the presence of chronic diseases, said in a conversation with URA.RU general practitioner, chief physician of the clinic "Your Doctor" Tatiana Romanenko.

"Laziness is an unwillingness to do something. Naturally, when this happens, we try to rule out some valid reasons, somatic problems, for example, hypothyroidism (reduced thyroid function - note URA.RU). With this disease, a person develops apathy, laziness and general weakness. Chronic diseases may also cause laziness," explained the therapist.

In turn, clinical psychologist, member of the Russian Psychological Society Margarita Dvorkina added that laziness can indicate depression. "If there is no strength, no mood, in the morning you do not want to get up, then you can not exclude some disorders of a psychological order. After all, laziness as such does not exist, there is a lack of external or internal motivation. Or like and would be glad to do something, but the presence of a depressive episode, does not give mobilize, no inner strength", she said.

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