What foods are dangerous to eat in heat?

June 24, 2022  12:24

In summer, people always change their diets a little bit.

There are more vegetables, fruits and berries on the tables, drinks become colder, and you want to eat ice cream every day. But there are products from which it is better to refuse to eat in hot weather, as they can adversely affect health, told "360" nutritionist Elena Solomatina.

According to Solomatina, foods that take a long time to digest, will warm up the body. This is good in the winter, but we do not need it in the heat. First of all, this meat products, especially roasted meat. Lamb, beef, pork - these are the things that lie in the stomach for a long time.

This load will only increase if we eat meat not with vegetables, but with starchy side dishes, such as fried potatoes or multi-ingredient and complex salads. Peppered foods can also be classified as warming up the body. Pickled foods contain a lot of salt, which retains water in the body.

Sugar also retains water in the body. Many people, especially hypotensive people, will think that it gives energy, but here again lies the danger of fluid retention, Solomatina warned.

Danger lies in the uncontrolled consumption of strong tea and coffee. The fact that drinks with a lot of caffeine have a fairly mild diuretic effect. For some people, it is not terrible - the body compensates, but for others, it may be fraught with very serious consequences, warned the expert.

Dietitian advised to drink more water in hot weather, or consume more vegetables and fruits, which contain structured water. During a hot day, especially at noon, when many people have lunch, it is better to eat something light. For example, kefir or tan, vegetable or cold soups, said the nutritionist.

But you should not get carried away with popular summer drinks, such as cold coffee, smoothies, milkshakes, especially if they are below room temperature.

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