Can you get warts from frogs?

June 27, 2022  16:27

Warts can be infected through touch and objects, but frogs, contrary to popular belief, do not transmit this virus to humans, Anna Mikhailova, a cosmetologist and dermatovenereologist, told URA.RU.

“You can become infected with this virus through contact with infected skin, for example, when shaking hands, or through shared objects such as toys, doorknobs, etc. Thus, infection can occur almost anywhere. And toads and frogs have nothing to do with it. Contribute to the infection of microcracks and inflammation on the skin,” said Anna Mikhailova.

According to her, a person may not immediately know about the infection.

“The virus can lie dormant for a long time. In favorable conditions for him, he begins to multiply. The virus causes the cells of the epidermis to actively divide, so characteristic seals and round nodules appear on the skin. Sometimes they become painful,” she said.

Dermatovenereologist told who is most susceptible to this disease.

“The state of the human immune system affects the manifestation and spread of infection. For example, people with HIV infection or a kidney transplant are more likely to develop warts. With a normal immune response, the virus does not penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, and warts go away on their own,” the specialist added.

Mikhailova also gave recommendations on how to reduce the likelihood of infection.

“Don't go barefoot in public places. Try to keep your feet dry. Quality shoes will help with this. Get manicures and pedicures by conscientious craftsmen who use sterile and personalized instruments. A balanced diet, sound sleep, hardening, lack of stress will also not be superfluous,” the specialist noted.

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