Dangerous causes of edema named

June 29, 2022  21:45

Endocrinologist Svetlana Ustinova has told that behind the appearance of edema there may hide dangerous disorders - such as kidney, heart or thyroid function, MedicForum reported.

The endocrinologist said that the cause of edema can be dangerous conditions, in particular, kidney failure or other problems with this organ.

"The kidneys are responsible for water metabolism in the body, so any failure in the work of the paired organ leads to the appearance of edema," noted the specialist.

Another cause of edema is hypothyroidism - insufficient activity of the thyroid gland and poor production of hormones. Ustinova reminded that hypothyroidism slows down metabolism, due to which fluid is retained in the body. This pathology also manifests itself as unreasonable weight gain, mood swings, apathy and increased fatigue.

Strange as it may seem, edema can be a consequence of prolonged stress. The doctor explained that stress activates the adrenal glands producing the hormones cortisol and aldosterone - their high levels in the body affect water-salt metabolism.

Another dangerous cause of edema Ustinova called the state of insulin resistance - the loss of sensitivity of the body's cells to the hormone insulin, which distributes sugar. Insulin resistance often indicates that a person has developed type 2 diabetes.

In addition, behind the edema may lie heart failure. In this case, the legs, especially the feet and ankles are swollen.

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