What amazing changes will happen if you include cherries in your diet?

July 1, 2022  10:28

Russian experts in the Penza region spoke about the benefits of cherries and how to choose them, as well as how they affect her weight loss, reports the ProCity portal.

Cherry removes excess fluid, starts fat burning processes, cleanses the skin, improves memory and even sleep. Eat a few berries before going to bed - and it will become easier to fall asleep, the department advised.

Cherry has a low calorie content: only 50-56 kcal per 100 g of product. But it contains less acids than its closest relative cherry. Therefore, little by little cherries can be eaten even by those who suffer from heartburn.

There is a lot of vitamin C in this berry - eating 100 g of cherries, you will cover 20% of the daily requirement of the body.

And the mineral composition of the berry seems to have been specially created to strengthen immunity that has shaken over the winter: the cherry contains magnesium, manganese, iron, as well as copper, potassium and calcium. Doctors especially recommend cherries to those who need to improve blood quality and cure anemia.

Not only the berry itself is useful, but also its stalks. A decoction is prepared from the tails of cherries.

It has a strong diuretic effect, removes excess urea and uric acid salts (urates) harmful to the joints. It is used as a folk remedy in the treatment of edema, gout, bladder stones, uric acid diathesis and hypertension. Take 8 - 10 petioles of sweet cherries in one cup of water, brew with fresh boiling water. Let it brew and drink like regular tea.

The taste of cherries depends on the variety and color of the berries. Light varieties are more delicate, their taste often has a slight sourness, they are quite watery and perfectly refreshing.

Dark cherries have a richer and sweeter taste. They contain the maximum amount of vitamin A and iron. Pink cherry is the record holder for the content of vitamin C.

However, if you are allergic, it is better to choose white varieties because they are more neutral and do not cause reactions.

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