Chronic kidney disease affects one in ten adults, study claims

July 1, 2022  14:23

New results from one of the largest chronic kidney disease (CKD) studies show the disease's high burden on patients and health care systems, with an estimated prevalence of 10% of the adult population. The results of the study were published in The Lancet Regional Health-Europe.

The study examined data from 2.4 million CKD patients from 9 countries in Europe, as well as Israel and Canada.

Although chronic kidney disease is considered one of the most common diseases, affecting one in ten adults, it was found that two out of three patients in whom CKD was diagnosed during the study were not diagnosed, which puts them at high risk of morbidity and mortality and represents a significant burden on health systems.

The study found that 6 to 9% of patients with chronic kidney disease die each year, and CKD-related events and comorbidities such as heart failure are the leading cause of hospital visits and health care costs.

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