How to deal with panic while flying?

July 1, 2022  20:30

Clinical psychologist Vitaly Sidnyaev told how to cope with panic during an airplane flight, radio Komsomolskaya Pravda reports.

According to the expert, the technique of switching attention can help overcome aerophobia. Using it, you need to alternate tension and relaxation of attention.

“As soon as you feel that fear or panic is covering you, begin to describe to yourself the shapes of the clouds that are visible in the window, count how many seats are ahead. Mentally tell what you see now, with a description of the properties,” he told

You can also try breathing exercises. To do this, you need to slowly and calmly inhale, putting your hand on your stomach and counting to four, then exhale slowly and calmly, counting to six.

Sidnyaev noted that at this moment it is important to feel how the hand rises and falls on the stomach.

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