What ingredients of summer salads increase blood pressure?

July 4, 2022  09:42

One summer favorite can be difficult for your blood pressure levels because of its two main ingredients, MedicForum reported.

High blood pressure is a precursor to serious health problems, ranging from heart attacks to strokes.

It's not surprising that what you eat can affect your blood pressure. some products can lower your level, and others, on the contrary, raise it. While healthy food, such as salads, is usually a good choice, Greek salad offers two ingredients that are rich in salt.

"Greek salads can be a great way to include vegetables, healthy fats and proteins in your diet. However, some ingredients traditionally included in Greek salads have a high salt content. These ingredients include feta cheese and olives. Regular consumption of products with a high salt content can increase our blood pressure and put us at increased risk of heart attacks and strokes," said family doctor Tatiana Zakharova.

Although a Greek salad or even feta and olives as a one-time meal will not harm your levels, regular consumption of foods with a high salt content can increase your indicators.

Salt plays a decisive role in blood pressure, as the consumption of too much of a common ingredient is considered the "single biggest" cause of hypertension.

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