How to shower in hot weather?

July 5, 2022  09:44

Dermatologist and cosmetologist Tatyana Egorova has given some advice on how to shower in hot weather.

Taking a shower is first of all necessary to remove dirt; in other cases, our skin is able to clean itself naturally—by peeling, writes Sport-Express.

The aforesaid specialist believes that it is necessary to take a shower in hot weather when you are really sweaty, there is a feeling of stickiness on the skin, and there is also a strong smell of sweat.

Also, the dermatologist advises to avoid cold water while taking a bath. Due to the contrast in temperature, a cold shower may cause a sore throat, pneumonia or bronchitis. Also, you put your heart and nervous system at risk.

If you take a shower before leaving the house in the morning, it is better to shower under warm water, but not scalding water. After such a shower, your sweat generation will slow down because the skin will warm up, and the difference between the temperature of the skin and the outside air will not be sharp.

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