Why male cyclists should stand on pedals from time to time?

July 5, 2022  11:23

Male cyclists need to get up from the bicycle seat and stand on the bicycle pedals from time to time, researchers from Wroclaw Medical University (Poland) have determined; this is related to avoiding long-term pressure on their genitals, MedikForum wrote.

Men who are intensively engaged in cycling should not forget that the bicycle seat exerts strong pressure on the prostate region, and this can cause urinary flow disorders, erectile dysfunction, and even benign prostatic hyperplasia.

In order to prevent prostate disorders, men should stand on the pedals of the bicycle from time to time while cycling. It is advisable to do this every 10 minutes, for 10-15 seconds, Polish researchers advised.

As a result of a meta-analysis of 22 studies, the authors of the present review have described the best way to avoid the aforesaid issues. In particular, they have proposed making special bicycle seats that do not have a narrow nose in the genital area. Such seats are wider and softer, without the obvious narrowing. By doing so, the pressure can be redirected from the genitals to the buttocks.

Standing on the bicycle pedals all the time is also very important.

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