What is necessary to maintain female beauty and youth?

July 6, 2022  21:39

Nutritionist Olga Lushnikova, in an interview with Lenta.ru, said that vitamins for beauty and youth are best obtained from proper nutrition, but sometimes special supplements may be required.

According to the expert, female beauty requires proper nutrition, good sleep, regular exercise, lack of stress and the absence of bad habits.

She recommended including more protein in the diet, which is necessary for beautiful skin. “The right fats are also necessary for the formation of female sex hormones,” Lushnikova added.

To prolong youth and preserve beauty, the nutritionist advised taking supplements with omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids.

The next useful supplement is collagen. “If you get enough protein with food, you have a healthy gastrointestinal tract, then in principle you don’t need to take collagen,” the specialist explained.

Among other supplements, she referred to vitamin D. “This vitamin affects all processes in the body. The minimum preventive dose is 2,000 international units,” she said. It is noted that vitamin D can be taken with fatty foods during breakfast.

Lushnikova advised older women coenzyme Q10 and hyaluronic acid supplement. For those who are often stressed, she recommends supplements with magnesium, reports the Public News Service.

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