New implant developed that can fight glaucoma and cataracts

July 7, 2022  16:38

Doctors are increasingly using a new type of implant that can effectively combat not only glaucoma, but also cataracts.

They can be installed immediately in both eyes during a simple procedure, writes MedikForum.

Glaucoma occurs when the optic nerve, which carries visual information from the back of the eye to the brain, becomes damaged due to fluid retention that keeps the eye healthy.

The fluid from the eye area does not drain properly, which leads to an increase in intraocular pressure and compression of the optic nerve.

A new implant to reduce intraocular pressure came to the aid of these patients. Measuring 5mm long, 0.6mm thick, it is made of flexible medical-grade silicone with thousands of tiny holes to allow moisture to flow out freely. There is no need to create new channels as in a trabeculectomy, instead the implant redirects fluid into another existing drainage network in the eye called the supraciliary and suprachoroidal space.

The implant can be placed under local anesthesia, while both separate operations and joint cataract procedures are performed. Indeed, in many older people, glaucoma develops simultaneously with cataracts. Operations last less than 30 minutes and have a low degree of risk.

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