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How to get rid of neck pain at home?

August 3, 2022  13:54

In most cases, you can get rid of neck pain even at home, according to osteopathic physician Sergei Evdokimov.

The specialist told News.ru about women who suffer from neck pain more often than men. First of all, the posture, position of the head and neck affect the health of the neck. Also, according to the specialist, neck pain often becomes a companion of chronic stress.

To get rid of neck pain, the specialist recommends doing special exercises: sit down, straighten up and look straight, then slowly look to the right, turning your head so as to look over your shoulder. Then do the same, but look behind the left shoulder.

To enhance the effect, the osteopath recommends placing a hand on the temple or forehead and slowly pressing on the head, giving additional pressure to the muscles of the neck.

"In this way, the muscles are developed, the mobility of the cervical vertebrae and blood flow are improved, and inflammation is reduced. If there are signs of inflammation at the level of nerves or muscles, it is necessary to take anti-inflammatory drugs, you can use ointments," said Evdokimov.

According to him, if the pain does not recede after regular neck exercises, it is necessary to consult a specialist.

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