Unexpected signs of stroke: What to know?

August 4, 2022  21:31

Vision loss and weakness can be sudden but sure signs of stroke, Eat This, Not That! writes.

Emergency Department physician Christine Perry noted that in addition to the familiar symptoms of ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke (a twisted face, difficulty speaking and walking), there may be others that require an ambulance to be called immediately. Stroke, for example, can be signaled by numbness and weakness all over the body.

"Stroke symptoms come on suddenly," said Kelley Humbert, assistant professor of clinical neurology at the University of Pennsylvania Medical School. People feel fine at one point, and then they suddenly have symptoms such as weakness, numbness, speech problems or vision loss."

According to Robert C. Sergott, MD, sudden vision loss can indicate a person is about to have a stroke. If temporary blurred or impaired vision is caused by an impending stroke, the patient has only a few hours to get emergency care.

Doctors strongly recommend seeking professional help immediately at the first signs of a stroke.

"Often people make the mistake of staying home when symptoms disappear and reassuring themselves that they've had a microstroke," Perry said. But the emergency room will save your life.

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