Four fruits rich in potassium that help protect joints

October 2, 2022  13:26

Foods rich in potassium can help protect bones and joints, which is critical in treating arthritis symptoms.

Arthritis can be an uncomfortable and painful condition. Different types of this disease can cause swelling, stiffness, joint inflammation, or lead to muscle weakness and exhaustion. Although there is no cure for the disease, it is believed that diet may play a role in controlling the symptoms.

According to one expert, Dr. Claire Morrison of MedExpress, foods rich in potassium may be the key to fighting arthritis.

"Dietary potassium helps balance excess sodium from salt, reducing fluid retention and promoting proper use of calcium in the bones and joints," she explained. 

This is supported by a study published in The Journal of Pain, which found a link between low potassium levels and rheumatoid arthritis.

In the study, a group of participants with rheumatoid arthritis experienced less pain after taking potassium supplementation for 28 days, compared with those who did not.

"In the group that took potassium, 43.75 percent of patients met the criteria for a 33 percent reduction in pain intensity, compared with 6.25 percent in the placebo group at day 28. In addition, 31.25 percent of patients in the intervention group achieved a moderate response, according to the criteria of the European Alliance of Rheumatology Associations.The corresponding percentage for patients receiving placebo was 6.25 percent. Potassium supplements appeared to reduce the intensity of pain," the study authors noted. 

"Good sources are bananas, melons, oranges and apricots," the specialist noted. 

A hundred grams of banana contains 358 mg of potassium, while the same amount of melon contains 267 mg.

A hundred grams of oranges contains 181 mg of potassium, while an apricot contains 259 mg.

However, dried apricots are richer in potassium: 100 grams contains 1,162 mg of potassium.

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