Study: COVID-19 vaccination effectively protects children from death

December 1, 2022  23:17

Vaccination against COVID-19 effectively protects children and adolescents from death regardless of the prevailing variant of the virus. A study by Argentina's Ministry of Health was published in The BMJ.

Researchers evaluated the effectiveness of two mRNA vaccines (Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech) and an inactivated Sinopharm vaccine against COVID-19-related infections and deaths. Their findings were based on data on 844,460 children and adolescents (ages three to 17 years) from Argentina.

The results showed that the estimated efficacy of the vaccine against COVID-19 infection was 61% in children and 67% in adolescents during the "delta" period and 16% and 26%, respectively, during the "omicron" period.

Although the efficacy of protection against infection has dropped, the vaccines still protect children from death due to the coronavirus. Even during the Omicron period, protection from death was 67% in children and 98% in adolescents.

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