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Number of measles cases climb to 50 in Armenia, 3 hospitalized

March 13, 2023  10:24

As of 10am Monday, the number of laboratory-confirmed measles cases has reached 50 in Armenia.

Three of them have been hospitalized, 19 have not been hospitalized, and 28 have been discharged from hospitals, the Ministry of Health informs.

Two of the hospitalized patients are in moderate condition, whereas the other is in severe condition.

A total of 34 of the infected are children, from 3 months to 16 years old, and 16 are adults, from 21 to 64 years old.

Out of the 50 infected, 44 are not vaccinated against measles, four are vaccinated with one dose, whereas two are with two doses.

According to the Armenian national vaccination schedule, measles vaccinations are intended for children 1 and 4-6 years old.

The Ministry of Health urges parents of such children who have not received scheduled vaccinations against measles to contact their registered polyclinic and have their kids vaccinated against measles.

At the same time, persons who have been in contact with measles patients but do not have a two-dose vaccination against measles are also subject to vaccination.

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