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Armenia doctors demand from Red Cross office to evacuate the wounded from Karabakh (photo, video)

September 22, 2023  15:54

A group of medical workers staged a protest outside the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Armenia office, and demanded to mediate and carry out the evacuation of the wounded from, and the transfer of the medical workers to, Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh).

Also, they are holding English language banners in that regard.

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One of the participants of this demonstration, Dr. Arega Hovsepyan, whose relatives are now in Artsakh, said: "We demand that the wounded who are in Artsakh today, who cannot be provided with adequate [medical] assistance, be immediately transferred to Armenia. In addition, there are medical workers who want to go to Artsakh.

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"International Organization of the Red Cross, don't forget what your mission is! Don't confuse neutrality with indifference and inaction! What did the ICRC do during these three days? What functions did it perform? Why was the Red Cross created? Providing humanitarian assistance is one of the most important components of your humanitarian work. How is it that you are able to carry out the interests of the people of that country in other countries, and when the matter comes to the Armenians living in Artsakh, you become an international organization and remember neutrality?

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Pediatric surgeon Ashot Hovsepyan also noted that there was already a shortage of medical supplies and medicine in Artsakh during its nine-month siege by Azerbaijan, and that as a result of the latest military operations by Azerbaijan, this shortage has become even more pronounced in the case of many wounded.

"There is a crisis there, and it is impossible to even provide first aid,” Hovsepyan said. “We are concerned, and today we demand from and ask the Red Cross to ensure the transportation of the wounded, severely ill patients [in Artsakh] to Armenia and, also, the entry of willing doctors to Artsakh so that we can be useful."

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