BMC Psychiatry: steroids cause sleep disturbance in 66% of users

February 12, 2024  16:13

Researchers from Oslo University Hospital (Norway) report negative effects from the use of anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS). Their study, published on BMC Psychiatry, found that taking these substances can cause sleep disturbances.

Anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) are widely known for their ability to cause dramatic changes in hormones, which have been linked to a variety of medical and psychological effects. One of the rarely studied side effects of AAS use is sleep disturbances.

This study investigated the relationship between AAS use, psychological stress and sleep quality, and the effects of the phases of steroid use and withdrawal on sleep. Various scales such as the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index and the Jenkins Sleep Scale were used to assess sleep quality, while psychological stress was measured using the Hopkins Symptom Checklist.

The study included men who had previously or currently used AAS, as well as a control group with no history of steroid use. Results showed that 66% of participants who used AAS reported sleep problems, and 38% of them used sleeping pills.

Analysis of the data also revealed significantly poorer sleep quality among those who used AAS compared to the control group. In addition, sleep quality was worse during periods of steroid withdrawal than during periods of steroid use.

These findings provide important insight into sleep disturbances among male AAS users and suggest a link between these disturbances and hormone levels, which may deviate from normal values.

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