Covid takes up to 20 years of life from human brain, study finds

February 19, 2024  10:20

Researchers have found out that Covid takes up to 20 years of life from the human brain. For some patients, the effects of this infection resemble a serious head injury.

A study on this was published in News Medical magazine.

Back in the early years of this pandemic, doctors focused on "brain fog," a variety of problems related to fatigue, memory, and concentration. According to a study conducted in 2022, 46% of patients infected with Covid complain of this problem.

A team of researchers led by Benedict Michael, Principal Investigator and Director of the University of Liverpool’s Infection Neuroscience Laboratory, conducted a study among patients who recovered from the coronavirus a year ago.

Participants were given a cognitive ability test and underwent blood sampling and brain scans. As a result, researcher found out that some parts of the human brain, which are related to attention, decreased in amount, and based on a number of biomarkers, it was even possible to diagnose a brain injury. After getting sick with Covid, the human brain seemed to have aged by 20 years at once.

Researchers have not yet determined whether the "brain fog" will accompany the recovered person forever, or whether the effects of this infection are reversible.

According to neuropsychologist Carla L. Johnson, one of the most important results of their work is evidence that the aforesaid "fog" is real and the complaints about it are not fiction.

As per another study, many patients had difficulty convincing doctors of a physical illness that they could not accurately describe.

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