Daily Mail: coffee is safest to drink at ten in the morning

June 10, 2024  18:29

It is best to drink coffee at 10:00 (assuming you wake up at 7:00). Too early consumption of this tonic drink can further increase the naturally increased levels of the hormone cortisol in the morning and cause damage to the body. This was revealed to the Daily Mail by Dr. Deborah Lee from the British online clinic Dr. Fox Pharmacy.

The doctor explained that during the first 45 minutes after waking up, cortisol levels in the body peak. This hormone increases alertness and concentration, and regulates metabolism and the immune system.

Coffee has the ability to increase cortisol levels. According to Lee, excessive tonic effect of the drink in the morning can do more harm than good - provoke poor health, cause tachycardia and increase anxiety levels. For this reason, coffee should be consumed at 10:00 (provided you wake up at 7:00) or at least 45 minutes after the end of the night's sleep.

It is also not recommended to drink coffee too late. The last cup of the drink should be consumed six hours before bedtime.

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