Doctors continue to use 400 ineffective medical practices

20:33   15 June, 2019

Doctors all around the world continue to use nearly 400 medical practices that have been found to be ineffective as a result of clinical studies, said researchers from the University of Oregon Health and Science, Medical School of the University of Maryland and the University of Chicago. The results of their research were published in eLife magazine.

Experts analyzed 3,000 studies that were published over 15 years in three of the world's leading general medical journals — the Journal of the American Medical Association, the Lancet, and the New England Journal of Medicine.

They identified 396 treatments that were found to be ineffective or not effective enough. In addition to classical medical practices, this list included “behavioral practices (cognitive-behavioral therapy or mental practices), additional or unconventional practices (acupuncture), dietary supplements (omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A), social practices (programs to prevent teenage pregnancy or self-poisoning) and others.

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