Footballer left blind in his right eye after parasite burrowed into his cornea

15:44   10 July, 2019

Nick Humphreys, 29, from the English city of Shrewsbury went blind in one eye as he did not remove contact lenses during a shower, Daily Mail reported

In January 2018, he noticed a painful scratch on his eye which he managed with eye drops while opticians tested for an infection.

“The results came back positive for Acanthamoeba keratitis, an infection from a small organism found in water that is able to get into the eye through a small cut - often caused by contact lenses,” the source noted.

Nick underwent two surgeries, including transplantation of the amniotic membrane, and now he is waiting for a cornea transplant.

“I've lost 18 months of my life because of something as simple as showering with contacts in,” he said.

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