High cholesterol doubles risk of dementia

23:45   7 August, 2019

High cholesterol doubles the risk of developing dementia in people over 60, Enfermería Clínica reported.

According to the study, excess cholesterol contributes to the development of amyloid plaques that provoke Alzheimer's disease. A corresponding study was conducted by scientists from the Universitas Indonesia.

Scientists have studied the health status of older residents of Jakarta over 60 years old. Factors such as educational attainment, social and physical activity, smoking, body mass index, and the presence of depression or diabetes were considered. The scientists concluded that the high cholesterol is the most influential factor affecting the development of dementia among the elderly.

Thus people with a high history of high cholesterol has high risk developing dementia (3.2 times higher). At the same time, smoking increased this risk 2.2 times, low physical activity - 2.3 times, low level of education - 3 times.

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