Baby boy, 1, diagnosed with aggressive cancer days after contracting sepsis

12:55   7 August, 2019

One-year-old Fletcher Smith from the English city of Bridgewater suffered chicken pox, after which he was diagnosed with a number of serious illnesses, Daily Record reported.

According tot the source, the baby contracted chickenpox from one of his older sisters, and a few days later his head became swollen. Doctors diagnosed the boy with sepsis caused by a wound on the body. After a course of intravenous antibiotics, the child seemed to be recovering, but soon his temperature rose due to repeated sepsis.

To understand the cause of relapse, a bone marrow analysis was performed that helped identify chronic leukemia. With this aggressive form of blood cancer, it is a decrease in the level of white blood cells, which negatively affects the immune system.

The baby is prescribed a course of chemotherapy, and he will have additional examinations to select the most effective treatment method.

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