Woman survives despite several surgeries on spine

09:39   14 August, 2019

Kristalynn Chi, 29, from Arizona found the strength to start living anew after doctors diagnosed her with a spinal tumor, angle news reported

According to doctors' forecasts, she was facing disability, the woman got out of the wheelchair and now is actively involved in sports and even rides a bicycle.

Kristalynn, being 19-years-old began to feel a strange numbness in her right leg. She repeatedly consulted doctors, but the correct diagnosis was made only a few months later. With the help of MRI, a spinal tumor was detected, and surgical intervention was required to remove it. The surgery lasted 9 hours, but weakness and numbness only intensified.

In 2016, doctors found that the cause of discomfort is the accumulation of scar tissue, which puts pressure on the nerves in the spine. Two more surgeries were required, and the process of subsequent recovery was difficult and debilitating. The doctors told Kristalynn, that perhaps she would never get on her feet again and could not lift a load weighing more than five kg.

However, after a few months she began to move without the help of a wheelchair. Thanks to daily training, she has built up muscle tissue, and now can lift weights in the gym.

Kristalynn admits that her active recovery shocked doctors.

“Take those baby steps forward and keep a positive mindset. Life is still worth living so never allow the wages of this world bring you down,” she said.

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