What are Armenian infertility indicators?

19:28   17 August, 2019

Marriage infertility in Armenia is about 14-15%, the director of the Research Center for Maternal and Child Health, Professor George Okoyev told NEWS.am Medicine.

According to him, these indicators slightly decreased, which is facilitated by the introduction of new medical technologies in Armenia, including assisted reproductive technologies.

Another important factor is the early access of patients to doctors.

“If I’m not mistaken, in 2014 the rate of infertility in marriage was 16.5%,” he said.

In the first place in prevalence is female infertility.

“Based on the appeal to our clinic, male infertility accounts for 30-35% of cases, while about 10-12% of cases are due to infertility of unknown origin,” Okoyev noted.

The expert drew attention to the fact that environmental factors and bad habits (including smoking) play a role in the violation of sperm formation.

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