Why are pregnant women advised to take vitamin D?

12:49   19 August, 2019

Taking vitamin D during pregnancy helps reduce the risk of dental problems in children, said in a new Danish study.

The study involved 623 women who were divided into two groups, JAMA Pediatrics reported.

Participants in the first from the 24th week of pregnancy took one tablet with 400 IU of vitamin D, and another tablet with 2400 IU of this vitamin. Women in the second group took a pill of 400 IU of vitamin D, and the second pill had a similar placebo.

After six years, dentists examined the children of women from both groups. At the same time, dentists did not know what vitamin supplements their mother took during pregnancy.

As it turned out, in children of women who took more vitamin D, the level of enamel defects on both permanent and milk teeth was 47% lower than in children of women from the control group.

Dr. Hans Bisgaard, professor of pediatrics at the University of Copenhagen, lead author of the study, believes that children from the second group will be more prone to caries by the age of 10 than children from the first group whose mothers took more vitamin D.

According to other studies, vitamin D is needed to maintain normal muscle volume and muscle strength.

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