Doctors rescues newborn girl by plunging her head in bucket of ice water

10:37   4 September, 2019

Doctors saved the newborn Holly Hutchinson by plunging her head in a bucket of ice water, Metro reported.

Holly was born on December 19 and fell ill with viral meningitis at Christmas. On New Year's Eve, her mother, who works as a pediatric nurse, noticed that her baby's condition worsened and took her to Sunderland Royal Hospital.

“Medics believed the shock of the freezing water might restart her heart, which had risen to 320 beats per minute. Despite the ice shock, her parents were told her heart rate was not slowing. She was eventually given powerful drugs that brought her back from the brink just in time,” the source noted.

Doctors reported 10 minutes before the New Year that the girl’s heart rate had recovered and her condition had stabilized. According to doctors, if her parents brought her to the hospital 20 minutes later, they would not be able to save her.

After 48 hours, the child was discharged from the hospital.

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