Swedish scientists develop clothing to help deaf and blind to communicate with outside world

23:49   4 September, 2019

Swedish scientists have developed clothes with which blind and deaf people can communicate with the outside world. The development is a vest, on the back of which cells vibrate, Medpulse reported.

For many people, a tactile language involves ‘writing’ the transmitted information on the hand, and new clothes allow you to transmit information through contact with the back. According to one of the authors of the project, people who do not see and cannot hear need another form of communication, so scientists work with touch .

Scientists also plan to attach a camera to their clothes.

The camera and computer will recognize everything that happens in the room and send information to the database, from which signals will be sent to the sensors on the clothes. So, a person can find out what is happening in the room and will be able to figure out where a cup of coffee stands.

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