AMD 210mn allocated to state infertility treatment program

15:17   9 September, 2019

The budget of the new Program for free or preferential treatment of infertility, within which several hundred couples will have access to assisted reproductive technologies, will make AMD 210 million this year. The Ministry of Health hopes that about 130-140 children will be born under the program. Gayane Avakyan, head of the department of maternal and reproductive health protection at the Ministry of Health, told reporters about this.

The program, approved by the Government last month, entered into force on September 7.

The program is carried out in 5 medical centers of Yerevan.

Couples who meet the requirements of the program can contact any of these centers where they will be told which documents to provide, after which a special commission will find out what the couple has problems and what treatment it needs.

According to Gayane Avakyan, a couple may be denied participation in the program if it turns out that the woman is contraindicated for one reason or another, and if the couple has such problems that the chances of conception even using assisted reproductive ones are very low.

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