EUR 5,000 needed yet to operate on Alex, 3, from Armenia 

18:03   2 December, 2019

Most of the amount needed for the operation of 3-year Alex from Hrazdan was collected thanks to donations from caring people. About 5,000 euros are needed yet for operation in Spain, Alex’s father Vagarshak Avagyan told Medicine.

Yerevan experts confirmed that Alex has a hearing loss of four degrees and a congenital anomaly of the inner ear. Even with a good hearing aid, the child hears almost nothing. To correct problems, he needs surgery on the inner ear and cochlear implantation. There are specialists in Armenia doing cochlear implantation, but Alex’s case is too complicated, and, according to his parents, the doctors advised them to seek help in other countries.

Alex needs EUR 23,000 for the operation. Most of the amount has already been collected, and only EUR 5,000 are missing.

Those who want to help Alex can donate any amount on the GoFundMe:

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AMD 2479200283930000

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RUB 2479200283930030

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