Fear of vomiting: Woman loses her job and friends due to unusual phobia

12:49   7 December, 2019

Sian Maclean, 22, from Reading, developed a condition called emetophobia which caused intense anxiety about being sick or seeing others vomiting, The Sun reported

Sian first felt the fear of vomiting at the age of 6. Her family was about to fly on vacation, and someone became ill at the airport. Sian’s fear intensified, and she lost the ability to communicate with her school friends. The girl went home if at school someone was feeling ill, and did not have to spend the night with friends.

In 2015, doctors diagnosed her with emetophobia - a fear of vomiting and poor health. The phobia intensified, and Sian was already afraid to leave the house and quit her job. Doctors prescribed her a sedative, later the woman tried hypnotherapy, but there was no result.

After spending a year practically housebound following her hospitalisation in September 2017, Sian decided to take a stand against her phobia in May this year.

She could hardly eat and felt ill around the clock. The girl came to her mother's house to sleep on the couch or on the floor in the bathroom in case she starts to feel sick. Boyfriend Sian claims she lost friends and almost her relationship with her boyfriend Max over the extreme phobia

The girl is now working to completely overcome emetophobia. She needs to learn to take calmly situations when she is sick.

Photo: Sian Maclean’s Facebook page

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