Why is raw meat dangerous?

14:59   25 January, 2020

Meat and fish cannot be consumed without proper heat treatment, as larvae remain and can develop helminths in the human body - parasitic worms that can 'inhabit' the human and animal body, said Russian pathomorphologist and parasitologist Elena Chernysheva.

According to her, meat of wild animals is especially dangerous. Moreover, lard with streaks of meat can also be dangerous.

The specialist noted that salted fish without heat treatment is also dangerous, because it is not known where and how it is cooked.

According to WHO, every year approximately every second person on the planet becomes infected with one of the three main types of helminths, which leads to enterobiosis (1.2 billion people), hookworm (900 million) and trichocephalosis (up to 700 million).

The main transmission routes for helminthiases are contact (the pathogen can enter the body through the skin and mucous membranes) and food (ingestion of eggs or larvae, for example, with water or contaminated food).

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