What products may inhibit Alzheimer's?

23:47   3 February, 2020

The use of certain products may inhibit the development of Alzheimer's disease, said scientists from the Rush University.

They attracted nearly 1000 people to the study, whose age at the time the study began was 81 years old.

Initially, none of them had dementia. For six years, scientists have collected data on the diet of people, their lifestyle, and also tested them for cognitive abilities.

During the observation, 220 people revealed dementia. Volunteers were divided into five groups in accordance with the content of flavonols in their diet - bioactive chemicals that can protect the body from oxidative stress. In the group with the lowest flavonol intake, people consumed about 5.3 milligrams of flavonols per day; in the group with a maximum intake of about 15.3 milligrams per day.

As it turned out, people from the group with the highest intake reduced the risk of dementia by 48% compared with the group with the lowest intake. Of the 186 participants who ate a lot of foods containing flavonols, dementia was diagnosed in 28 people, and of the 182 participants who consumed very few flavonols, 54 were diagnosed.

If a person had a high concentration of isoramnetin (a type of flavonol), the risk of Alzheimer's disease and related dementia was reduced by 38%. Another flavonol - kempferol - reduced the risk by 51%, and myricetin - by 38%.

These compounds are found in pears, olive oil, wine, tomatoes, cabbage, legumes, tea, spinach, broccoli, oranges, apples and so on.

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