3 serious mistakes while using antibiotics

16:33   9 February, 2020

Improper use of antibiotics can lead to the development of resistance to these drugs in bacteria, making it very difficult to treat common infections.

What mistakes do people most often make while using antibiotics?

Mistake 1: Using antibiotics for influenza and SARS

The causative agents of influenza and SARS are viruses, and antibiotics are effective only against bacteria. Therefore, you can’t use them with influenza and SARS: they will not only not improve your condition, but can also worsen it, disrupting the balance of intestinal microflora and weakening the immune system.

Mistake 2: Misuse of antibiotics

If the doctor has prescribed antibiotics for you, they should not be taken at any time: strict observance of the time intervals will ensure the availability of a sufficient amount of the active ingredient in the body - only in this way the treatment will be quite effective.

What to do:

Mistake 3: Early discontinuation of antibiotics

You should not stop using antibiotics, even if you already feel better and all the symptoms of the disease have passed. The course of antibiotics should always be finished to the end.

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