How to improve bowel function?

23:33   27 April, 2020

Some foods can help improve bowel function and improve metabolism, said oncologist Elena Smirnova.

According to her, one should start the morning with a glass of water.

For breakfast, a specialist advises consuming proteins (for example, cottage cheese or boiled eggs) or slow carbohydrates (cereals), as well as vegetables.

Lunch should include protein: meat or fish and slow carbohydrates. It is also worth adding some soup and a salad.

According to the expert, one should have a snack with fruits: for example, a baked apple, and fruit salad with yogurt.

And it is advisable to have dinner without complicated side dishes: this meal should also be based on protein and vegetables, for example, chicken, cauliflower or vegetable stew.

At night, the specialist suggested drinking a glass of fresh kefir or yogurt.

Vegetables are recommended to be heat-treated. In addition, if possible, it is worth including natural probiotics: sauerkraut, pickles, yogurt, kefir or fermented baked milk, kombucha.

If proper nutrition, in accordance with the recommendations above, does not help with intestine problems, Smirnova advised people to be examined by a specialist.

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