What foods can help you lose weight?

10:30   29 May, 2021

Some foods are recommended to be added to the diet of people who want to lose weight, as it is believed that these foods will help in this difficult task, Eat This, Not That! reports.

Nutritionist Lauren Hubert claims that peas are good for weight loss. According to the expert, the consumption of this group of foods leads to moderate weight loss in the absence of food calorie restrictions.

Nutritionist Roxana Esani, in turn, advises those who want to lose weight to include avocado in their diet, as this fruit contains healthy fats that contribute to feeling satiated.

And nutritionist Kerry Hans recommends eating strawberries while losing weight. According to her, this berry contains flavonoids, which, as research shows, help maintain a healthy weight.

Nutritionists also recommend that those who want to lose weight include whey protein, tea, eggs, pasta, nuts, peanuts, and yogurt in their diet.

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