What products are bad for digestion?

09:43   22 June, 2021

There is a whole list of products that negatively affect the balance of microflora in the body and lead to indigestion as well as weight gain.

The list of foods dangerous for digestion includes even those that may seem completely harmless. For example, chicken noodle soup. This soup is too much sodium, and increased salt intake is associated with an increased risk of obesity by more than 25%.

Experts consider sweet cereals to be the most harmful for digestion because they contain too much sugar, the excess of which is harmful to health. Flavored yogurts came in second, with colorings and food additives turning the product into a sugar bomb. Alternatively, dietitian Fiorella DiCarlo suggests choosing plain Greek yogurt or low-fat kefir, which is high in beneficial bacteria.

Bacon and other fatty meats are also bad for digestion as processed meats kill the beneficial bacteria in the gut.

Fried potatoes and chips are also harmful.

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