Could coronavirus vaccination become mandatory in Armenia?

14:05   26 July, 2021

Armenia is developing a new set of coronavirus restrictions that are currently in circulation and will be presented to the public in mid-August. This is what acting Minister of Health of Armenia Anahit Avanesyan told reporters today when she was asked if vaccination might become mandatory.

“This is a disease that presents a danger for the public, and we see how collapsed the healthcare systems, economies and public health systems of countries are when the latter are out of the scope of manageability. By being responsible and protecting each other, every citizen must actively make his or her contribution,” Avanesyan said.

According to her, many citizens understand that they must get vaccinated, but they are constantly postponing the process. The problem is that the people in Armenia still don’t have the culture of preventing diseases and taking care of their health while they are healthy.

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