How many calories does a person need per day?

09:52   15 October, 2021

How can you count the numbers of calories that you need per day?

According to dietician, member of the Association of Dieticians and Nutritionists Marina Makisha (Russia), the daily intake of calories needs to be counted by taking into consideration the weight of the particular person. It is recommended to consume 25-30 kilocalories per one kilogram.

“Based on absolute figures, women need to consume nearly 1,800-2,000 kilocalories per day, and men — 2,500 kilocalories,” Makisha said in an interview with Moscow 24.

According to her, when counting kilocalories, it is important to take into consideration a person’s lifestyle and physical activity. People with high thickness of the muscle mass are in great need of energy and nutrients and are advised to consume more calories, but they might start losing weight due to insufficiency in the organism.

According to Makisha, the ideal body weight is the one that a person likes, under the condition that this body weight is a healthy one.

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