3 common myths about colds, flu

10:33   23 October, 2021

Although there is a lot of information about colds and flu today, there are many respective myths that people still believe. We present below three of them.

Myth 1: Don’t use dairy products during when you have a cold

This, of course, is a myth. But it should be taken into account that, for example, drinking milk can thicken the sputum, and this will make it difficult to breathe. However, milk does not "force" the body to produce more saliva. Moreover, doctors often recommend using dairy products when sick, as they are usually high in calories and can compensate for the negative effects of loss of appetite.

Myth 2: If you are not running a fever, you are not contagious

Both colds and flu are highly contagious, and running a high fever has absolutely nothing to do with the risk of infecting others. According to the American CDC, most healthy adults can infect others one day before and five days after the onset of flu symptoms—and no matter how high the fever. And some children with weakened immune systems can be contagious for more than a week.

Myth 3: If you go out with wet hair, you can get sick

Of course, it is impossible to get infected with the flu because of wet hair, but it is logical to warn not to go out with wet hair. Freezing puts an extra burden on the immune system, and the bacteria and infections that are already in your body will be able to "adapt" and grow better.

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