5 symptoms of liver damage from alcohol

11:21   9 January, 2022

Some early symptoms may indicate that a person has liver problems due to alcohol, British charity organization experts British Liver Trust reported.

According to experts, the following symptoms require special attention:

  1. abdominal pain,
  2. fatigue,
  3. diarrhea,
  4. nausea,
  5. general poor health.

Also, some patients with liver problems may experience loss of appetite.

According to experts, liver problems can disrupt up to 500 vital body functions. This organ is extremely important for humans and is responsible for neutralizing and eliminating toxins. However, every time the liver filters alcohol, some of its cells “die”.

Therefore, experts urged to take breaks between drinking alcoholic beverages, since the body needs some time in order for it to regenerate and produce new cells. Drinkers for several days in a row were warned that in their case, the liver could be seriously damaged.

Excessive alcohol consumption for many years reduces the liver's ability to regenerate, scientists say. This can cause serious and permanent damage to this organ.

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